Success story from Singapore

Photo of one of the participants in the clinical trial of 30days™ in Singapore^. The participant shows visible reduction of waist and belly size with just 30-day use of 30days™ WAISTLINE.

"With 30days™, my bowel movements improved and I no longer feel bloated all the time."

- Josephine

"Despite being 60 years old and leading a more sedentary life, in the short time I have taken 30days™, there is an overall loss of centimetres. My BMI has dropped, my muscle tone has improved, my visceral fat has decreased and on top of all this, I feel great."

- Yvonne

"It's amazing that I can tell the difference after starting 30days™. My body feels lighter and less bloated. I'll highly recommend it!"


Success story from Norway's Linn-Mari Hanssen

"I lost two sizes during the first box. I did not find the slimming difficult. What is even better is that I have kept my weight down for a whole year and have not experienced any problems."

- Linn-Mari from Norway

"No other diets helped. It was only when I started with 30day™ WAISTLINE that I got noticeable results. In the course of a year I dropped 30 kg, with a significant reduction in abdominal fat. It goes without saying that I feel lighter and have more energy."

- Ann-Karin Aalberg from Norway

Expert opinion on 30days™ WAISTLINE

Dr Bob Lister (BSc; PhD; CBiol; FIBiol; FRSMed) shares his view on 30days™ WAISTLINE and how it can help you lose 1 to 2 sizes in 30 days.

"[30days™] WAISTLINE is a novel product that works like nothing else that I've come across in my last 25 years in the business," said Dr Lister.

Find out more in the video below

Will 30days™ WAISTLINE work for you too?

Your experience with 30days™ WAISTLINE may vary but see the findings from a clinical trial of 30days™ in Singapore^:

  • Average weight loss: 0.66kg
  • Average BMI loss: 0.23
  • Average body fat loss: 0.86%
  • Average decrease in midriff size: 1.93cm
  • Average decrease in navel size: 2.93cm
  • Average decrease in hip size: 5.67cm
  • Average decrease in thigh size: 2.3cm
  • Average decrease in buttocks size: 2.23cm

^ The scientific trial was conducted with a group of 8 women over a period of 30 days in Singapore. The age range was from 25 to 60 years old with an average age of 39.4 years of age. Participants used either Waistline or HBT supplements. All participants used these supplements together with the 30days™ Anti-Cellulite Lotion.