Clinical Studies

Participants of a scientific trial of 30days™ in Singapore^ showed:

  • 1 to 2 dress size lost in just 30 days
  • Increase in microcirculation in their thighs
  • Better looking skin

^ The scientific trial in Singapore was done over a period of 30 days on 8 women. Each participant used either 30days™ Waistline or 30days™ Hips, Buttocks & Thighs and every participant used the 30days™ Anti-Cellulite Lotion. Click here to view more details

See the amazing results from our study in Norway:

Double-blind, placebo controlled study

A double-blind, placebo controlled study was conducted in Norway with 58 overweight female subjects who all had over 25 in BMI. They all had generally good health. There were no smokers or subjects on long-term medication.

The group taking 30 Days™ significantly reduced their circumference compared to the placebo group as well as baseline, both for abdomen and waistline.

The findings were published in the May/June 2012 issue of NutraCos. Check out the full article from Page 12 to 15 of NutraCos.

The results from this study was presented during the International Congress on Abdominal Obesity in January 2010. Find out more

What People Say

"It's amazing that I can tell the difference after starting 30days™. My body feels lighter and less bloated. I'll highly recommend it!"

- Meena