How It Works

When women lose weight, most of the weight loss is first visible on her arms and breasts. But these are not main problem areas.

30days™ WAISTLINE helps you lose belly and waist fat by

  • Reducing inflammation that causes accumulation of belly fat

    Being overweight is an inflammatory condition. 30days™ helps you go on an anti-inflammatory diet to help reduce inflammation and normalize bodily functions.

  • Detoxifying your liver and body

    A damaged liver will be sluggish in burning fat and neutralizing toxins. 30days™ helps give you a healthy liver to burn fat and neutralize toxins efficiently.

  • Cleaning your clogged up colon

    An unhealthy gastrointestinal tract causes bad bacteria to multiply and secrete toxins which the body will store as fat. 30days™ cleans out your colon and helps give a good balance of good bacteria to optimize digestion and minimize fat storage.

  • Giving your body energy to heal

    A weak immune system is helpless when guarding harmful effects to the body. 30days™ supports your immune system through detoxification to help your body work more efficiently to reduce inflammation and reduce fat.

What People Say

"No other diets helped. It was only when I started with 30day™ WAISTLINE that I got noticeable results. In the course of a year I dropped 30 kg, with a significant reduction in abdominal fat. It goes without saying that I feel lighter and have more energy."

- Ann-Karin Aalberg from Norway